Learn from 17 Great Masters in their field!

There is nothing like having the opportunity to learn from someone who has years of experience in an area you are yearning to learn more about. Our Master Teachers will share their passions so you can be inspired. These are recorded interviews between Melisa & each master. 

We are pleased to offer the following Master Classes:

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What customers are saying...

“As a family new to Waldorf education, we love the class Daniela Sales did on the Waldorf School Journey. This comfirmed  we made the right decision to switch to Waldorf. We are excite to see where this path will lead our girls over the course of the years.

David and Linda Smith

“I enjoyed learning more about Sparkle Stories. I heard Melisa talk about them many times but did not take the time to look into them. I am glad I listened to this class as it came just in time for a long road trip. Sparkle Stories here we come. We will go on many adventures while we travel to our destination!”

Rose Lee

"Music is not one of my talents. I have been hesitant to bring it into our school day. I listened to Jodi's class and we started one of her classes. We couldn't be more happier. I never knew I would enjoy playing the recorder along side my 2nd grader. Many Thanks for all you offer”

Jennifer Raines

"Our Homeschool supplies were such a mess. Vanessa recommend the supply closet and it has worked wonders. Our supplies are better cared for and lasting longer. We have our Homeschool supplies out during the day and a dinner table by evening. This one thing has been a game changer."

Destany Evans