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This is an interfaith space. 

We are here to support the expression of Divine Principles and Spiritual Stewardship to children and adults.

To host regular gatherings supporting the Spiritual and emotional needs of the whole person.

To minister to and serve families worldwide toward the discovery of Divinely realized relationships bringing them closer to their Creator.

Auriel’s Light holds sacred all the names of God, the Divine, Source, Holy Spirit and invites everyone to find the path to their spiritual home.



Education in its purist form is a ministering to our children and there is no role in life more essential than that of parenthood. From this space, our ministry was born.

Receive the children in reverence.


Melisa Nielsen brings her years of experience coaching parents, teaching spirituality and writing Waldorf centered curriculum to Auriel's Light. She overseas the daily tasks of working with Waldorf Essentials homeschooling families as well as hosting our podcast and monthly Auriel's Light Gatherings. 

Educate them in love.


Erik Nielsen is an experienced parent coach and lends his sage wisdom to the Auriel's Light team. Erik also works hard to grow all the arms of the ministry through his marketing and media experience.

Let them go forth in freedom.


Melanie Novakovitch brings her wealth of knowledge in the education field as well as her strong commitment in strengthening the parent-child relationship to Auriel's Light. Melanie is also the Director of Operations at Seasons of Seven, our virtual school.  

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