We have several ways you can support our work. 

Ways to help...

Auriel's Light is a non profit and all donations are tax deductible. 

Gathering Replays & Full Podcasts


This membership is perfect if you are looking for our full length podcasts and you want to catch the replays for our monthly Auriel's Light gatherings. 

Also included:

Beacon Files: (40+ hours of inner work content)

BizSchooling Videos : for all our families homeschooling and running a business.

Meditation Series : introduction to mediation, meditation for the parent, and meditation for the child. 



Sponsor a Child


Donating to the Seasons of Seven scholarship fund allows you to support true Steiner centered education through our amazing virtual school. Your donation may be used to support a single family for a whole year or several families in need. 

Every child should have access to a whole education.

While we work hard to keep our virtual school tuition and curriculum prices affordable, there will always be families that desire this education but can not afford it. It is our deepest desire to help those families. 


Sponsor a Family


Giving to the Waldorf Essentials scholarship fund allows a family to change their lives with our amazing Steiner centered homeschool training and curriculum. Melisa and her team work hard to train families in the concepts of Steiner education and help them to master the content so they can bring this beautiful education to their children.  

The Waldorf Essentials team works to keep costs down, but there are still families that are struggling. A donation to this fund allows us to offer family scholarships.


Support Auriel's Light


Each month we bring content for families in as a service toward a more beautiful parent community. Donations to this fund support the ministry work working with families and helping them each on their path toward wholeness through our programs.


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