"Receive the children in reverence; educate them in love; let them go forth in freedom." 

Rudolf Steiner 

Dive deeper into Waldorf Education with these videos starting at Early Childhood all the way through Grade 8. New to Waldorf Education? Didn't have a Waldorf Education yourself as a child? Want to know how to best support your child in each grade? Each of these videos shares the curriculum for that grade as well as what is special and may be a challenge for each grade. These are video discussions with Melisa Nielsen and our Seasons of Seven teachers. Whether you're brand new to Waldorf or have been learning for a while this is a great resource to support your child's Waldorf education.

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What families are saying...

"I have been in Ms Tiffany's class since early December 2020.  I signed up initially because my sister had told me about the program, as her daughter is in an older class.  When I joined I didn't really know what to expect. I have been so impressed and pleased with each and every lesson plan she offers.  Her personality is magnetic and my son, Beau, watches her in Circle Time and Story time like she is sitting right next to him in the room.  She has an energy and kindness that reaches through the screen and touches your heart.  I have learned so many child friendly recipes, crafts galore, movement games and songs over the past few months.  It is more than I learned ever before with my two older sons in these young precious years.  I have loved watching my youngest son develop daily in a school environment that I am able to create for him in the comfort of our home and my work schedule.  It has been a gift that I had not expected, due to the quarantine, but one that I am so glad I accepted.  I have been truly inspired by Tiffany in her mothering talents and teaching young minds. She is one of those teachers that her students will always remember and their parents are blessed to have had her inspirations."Krista C

"We have been with Season of Seven since the first year they opened and we are looking forward to sticking around for years to come! We have experienced several public schools, a Waldorf charter school and independently homeschooling. Seasons of Seven is the best of both worlds! It allows our children to be taught by amazing teachers while still enjoying the comfort and flexibility of being at home. The teachers do all the planning and creating of beautiful lessons. They even meet with the class parents weekly so everyone knows what the class is working on. As working homeschooling parents we love being in a supportive role and not having to do all the elements on our own. Our children are engaged in their lessons and enjoy the relationships they have built with their teachers and classmates. We love how this experience has brought the spirit of Waldorf more fully into our home. Our family is truly grateful for Season of Seven and how it meets the individual needs of our children." ~ The Dorsey’s

"Ms Daniela deserves the best of reviews.  We are so pleased with her teaching, kind manners and accessibility.  She always responds quickly to our emails and questions.  Her instructional videos are beautiful, serene and colorful.  She is dedicated to parents as much as she is to the children. She made this past year’s extraordinary lock down situation to the most pleasant we could have ever wished for.  The girls, pumpkin and I are so grateful for all that Ms Daniela has done for us. Thank you thank you thank you!” ~ Shiva 

"Thank you Ms. Andrea so much for your dedication, your creativity, and for the passion you demonstrate in teaching. Your patience, encouragement and acceptance of each one of your students shines through in your work and has a deep impact on the development of their sense of self. You are a truly amazing educator. We are so grateful to have you as our teacher! You have helped transform, what initially seemed an intimidating experience, into the best decision we made. I can’t express how incredibly helpful it has been to have your support in this homeschooling journey. We look forward to all that is to come!" ~ Laura